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Common Questions                         
Q: How much does it cost?
A. $85, payable online with credit card

Q: How do I know if I need to take the US Constitution exam for my credential? To meet the state teaching requirement  for knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, you need to have one of the following:
1) a BA/BS from a CSU campus
2) passed a two semester unit course on the Constitution
3) passed an approved university exam on the Constitution

If you're not sure if you have met the requirement, see your Credentials Analyst for details

Q: Is the USConstitutionExam.com exam accepted by the CTC?
A: Yes. But while the exam is accepted by the CTC for direct application, California teacher education programs have the perogative to decide which tests they will accept for their recommendees.

Q: How do I know if my school accepts USConstitutionExam.com?
A: The best way is to check with your Credentials Analyst. If you can't get an answer, contact us, tell us which university you are enrolled in, and we can either tell you, or we will contact your Analyst for you.
They may not be aware that USConstitutionExam.com is an easy and convenient option!

Q: What is the best way to prepare for the exam?
A. You should work through the learning modules, read the Constitution and take the quizzes. Depending on your level of familiarity with the Constitution, follow the suggestions for further preparation in each module until you feel you're ready. If you want, take the practice test to see how you do.

Q: How long does it take?
A: It depends on your level of previous preparation and how much time you want to put into it. Some people blow through the quizzes in 30 minutes without preparation and the final exam in 25-35 minutes. Others take their time reading the materials before each quiz, take the practice test and use the review ques for the questions they miss. Test takers from abroad may want to use the suggestions for further reading for more comprehensive study. The final exam can be completed in 25-35 minutes.

Q: Can I retake it if I don't pass?
A: Absolutely.  Review the materials, take the practice test again and use the answers and suggestions. Go to the recommended reading lists. Use the charts and illustrations. Try it again. Take it a third time if you wish. There is no additional fee for the two retakes.

Q: If I don't pass after the third try will my fee be refunded?
A:  In exchange for the exam fee, we provide the exam and the relevant testing software, plus the tools and resources you need to pass. There is no guarantee that you will pass, but most participants pass on the first or second try. You are allowed three attempts, but if you don't pass, no refunds are tendered.

Q: Why do I have to take a bunch of quizzes? Why can't I just take the test?

A: Two reasons:
1) research has shown that participants get more out of an assessment experience if they do some preparation with punctuated, stepped assessments.
2) Studies have shown that identity validation (insuring the person who signed up is taking the exam) is much stronger with a learning module system, and this makes program sponsors (like your university or local education agency) happy.

Q: I'm from out of state. Can this online exam be used for my credential? 
A: Absolutely. Simply include the Certificate of Passing with the documents you send to the CTC with your application. [If the CTC requires you to secure a recommendation from a California university, then check with your Credentials Analyst first.]
Q: Can I do part of the exam prep now and come back later?
A: Yes! You have unlimited access and can come and go as you please. One exception: once you begin the final exam the exam closes after 35 minutes or if you try to leave the exam.

Q: The information says that the exam is multiple choice/multiple answer. I know what multiple choice is; what does "multiple answer" mean?
A: Unlike multiple choice, multiple answer questions use check boxes instead of radio buttons and have the possibility of more than one answer.
Example: Which of the following were Presidents of the United States: a) John Adams b) John Hancock c) John Henry d) John Kennedy. If you choose any answers besides a) AND d), or fail to choose both a) and d) the question is scored as incorrect. Multiple answer questions are clearly marked on the exam.

Q: I understand that the final exam is timed. If I am interrupted, can I stop the exam and go back to finish it later?
A: No, the timer is continuous. This creates a level playing field, and therefore a more accurate and effective assessment. Choose a time where you will have an uninterrupted block of time. We understand that some emergencies are unavoidable--therefore you have the possibility of two re-takes.

Q: What if I have computer problems during the exam?
A: Our testing software has been in successful use for years and has not created a problem yet. In the unlikely event that our hardware (servers, etc.) has a malfunction while you are taking the test, we will work with you on an individual basis, likely allowing you to retake the test or start where you left off. Hardware problems on your end are considered like any other interruption. Very few of our test takers ever have ever experienced this, but if your computer is wonky or unreliable, we suggest you take the exam at a library, cybercafe or on other reliable hardware.
Q: Is there a standard exam for meeting this requirement?
A: Not exactly. Each exam offered to meet the requirement meets the CTC's standards, but each is different. Some are harder, some easier; some require more memorization, some require reading multiple books. USConstitutionExam.com not only provides you with everything you need to pass, it is the only exam you can take when you want, where you want!

Q: My program said they will not accept a paper certificate of passing. Is it possible for someone from your organization to contact my program with my results?
A: Absolutely. Let us know what they want, and whom to contact and we will get it to them ASAP.

Q: When I've completed the registration form and want to pay, the only button is "PayPal." I don't have PayPal and want to pay with a credit card. How do I do that?
A: We use the PayPal corporation as our vendor for the payment portal, so they put their name on the button. If you click the "PayPal buy now" button, you will then be given a choice of payment options, including credit card. You certainly do not have to sign up for a PayPal account.

Q: When I've passed through the payment portal, there is a page titled "My courses" and has US Constitution with an "open" button. If I click the button with the test start? I'm not ready to take the test!
A: No worries: clicking the "Open" button merely opens the site, complete with all the study material. You won't just accidentally stumble into starting the exam. You'll make an affirmative decision to start it when you feel good and ready!

Q: Are there special hardware requirements to take the test?

A: No. Any browser on a reliable computer should work fine. If you can read this page, you should be able to take the exam!
Note: We have been alerted that certain recent versions of the browsers Firefox and Chrome cause the exam software to function erratically. Firefox and Chrome are aware of the bug and our tech team is busy creating a work-around. Meanwhile, we recommend our Mac users use Safari. Any browsers other than firefox and chrome should continue to work flawlessly.