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    Preparation: The Learning Modules

    The prep system walks you through 7 learning modules on different aspects of the Constitution and U.S. governmental structure.

    Each module includes:
    1) An outline of the relevant information
    2) Short readings and/or links to readings
    3) A short 5-10-question quiz.
    4) "Above and Beyond": Links to more information for further study

    The quizzes are primarily a learning tool for you to prepare for the final exam. As such, you have unlimited time to complete them, they are "open book", and after each quiz is completed, the correct answers are provided. Prep as much or as little as you need to!
    However, participation in the learning module quizzes is required and all of the quizzes must be completed in order to move on to the final exam.
    Practice Exam

    For those who want extra preparation, there is an optional, ungraded practice test that is timed to give you the feel of the final exam. Questions are of similar difficulty to the final exam

     The Exam

    The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice/multiple answer questions covering the material in the 7 learning modules. 

    The final exam is "closed book/closed notes" and It is timed. After 35 minutes the exam will close. There is a clock in the upper right corner of the exam for you to manage your time.

    Signing the oath
    To begin the exam you are required to sign an oath stating that:
    1) you are the enrolled test taker
    2) you are not receiving help from anyone while taking the exam and
    3) you are using no printed or online materials as aids to complete the exam

    Difficulty level
    Some of the questions are easy and some are hard. The readings and quizzes will get you prepared and boost your confidence. If you have worked through the learning modules and achieved an understanding of the constitutional principles and provisions, you should do fine.

     Certificate of Passing

    Your examination is graded and your score presented immediately, and if you pass you can print a personalized Certificate of Passing, which you can submit to your university credentials office, your district or county office of education representative, or directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

     Re-taking the Exam

    Even if you study the preparation materials diligently, a passing score is not guaranteed. If your exam responses do not meet the passing standard, you may take the exam 2 more times (no additional fee.) The questions will be different, but of similar format and difficulty. You may also retake the practice test for added confidence.

    Satisfactory results are typical, but are not guaranteed. While the vast majority of USConstitutionExam.com participants pass the exam on the first or second try, if your third attempt do not reach the passing standard, in order to maintain the examination's integrity, you will need to find an alternative means of satisfying the statutory requirement (i.e. a college-level course or an exam offered by another University.)  The fee would then be considered applied, and unfortunately no refund will be tendered.