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For IHE and Other Program Sponsor Professionals Teacher preparation is moving at the speed of the 21st century,
and now, so is the U.S. Constitution test.

Are your students busy adults, juggling school, family and career?
Until now, satisfying the U.S. Constitution requirement meant taking yet ANOTHER semester long course, or finding an exam provider, hours of study and memorization, and driving to an exam site for an old-fashioned paper and pencil exam.

There had to be a better way...
Now there is: USConstitutionExam.com !

How USConstitutionExam.com benefits your institution

(Or... "Give me 6 good reasons why I should accept Notre Dame de Namur University's online U.S. Constitution test in fulfillment of the U.S. Constitution statutory requirement.")

  • It not only meets, but exceeds all CCTC requirements and applicable California Education Codes.
  • Our online exam is the approved U.S. Constitution exam of Notre Dame de Namur University, and is accepted by teacher education programs around the state
  • It's rigorous. Our exam and prep was developed by education professionals and university faculty to meet standards of test design and content delivery.
  • It's secure. Besides the latest in firewall technology, our exams are password protected, they're timed, they are locked against copying or printing, and each test taker signs an identity oath. Click here for more info.
  • It makes life easier for you. No messing around with paper and pencil exams, proctoring, or waiting around for an exam date while your students' teaching jobs or internships are on the line. Instant results mean students can take it now and have a numbered certificate to you today.
  • Candidates love it! They love the convenience, the easy-to-use site navigation, the thorough prep materials, and the helpful prep quizzes

How USConstitutionExam.com benefits your candidates

It's convenient:

No driving the crowded highways to an exam site. (which makes it also the green choice!)
No searching in vain for somewhere that offers the exam in time for student teaching, credential or job deadlines.
No struggling to figure out what to study or where to find the books. Preparation materials are all right here.
They can take it when they want, on their schedule, when they're ready.

It's easy to access:

  • No software to download.
  • It's all included: professionally developed study materials, practice tests and the exam. Instant results mean they get a numbered passing certificate on the spot.

It's educational:

  • As citizen-models for our students, 21st century teachers need a solid working knowledge of the framework of our nation's political structure, and old-time true/false quizzes, and questions like “what colors are the stripes on the flag?” don’t cut it any more.
  • Constitutional issues impact a teacher's job every day:
    • Is a high school student's choice of clothes protected by the First Amendment?
    • Can a teacher search a student's backpack?
    • Does the Constitution require that "equal time" be given to all faiths in the public school curriculum?
  • Our exam is smart! It goes way beyond the simple memorization questions some paper and pencil exams use.
  • Employing the latest research in assessment and testing, our 2011 test, with its thought-provoking questions, is keyed to the current California content standards for social studies.
  • And our preparation system makes sure your candidates pass it because they know it!

About our Security

Our online examination employs multiple levels of security to insure a secure, verified and authentic assessment to institutions, program sponsors, and the CTC.

U.S.ConstitutionExam.com uses

  • passwords
  • secure logins
  • an identity oath
  • questions from a bank of hundreds of thought provoking test questions
  • A rigorously timed exam

Furthermore, our secure software blocks copying or printing, and the questions are thought provoking and analytical, not google-able constitutional trivia.
Most importantly, we offer not just a test, but an online learning and assessment process. The leading studies in technology-mediated learning agree that one key to successful online evaluation is multiple nodes of assessment and/or a punctuated, stepped evaluation model, and US ConstitutionExam.com has both The exam consists of 7 short learning modules, each followed by a quiz, for stepped knowledge-building in preparation for the exam.


Why Notre Dame de Namur University's USConstitutionExam.com?

Why do an increasing number of Teacher Education programs around the state favor using USConstitutionExam.com as the best student option to satisfy the CTC's U.S. Constitution requirement?


  • It lightens your Credential Analyst's workload
  • It saves institutions time, manpower, and scarce resources
  • Instant results and a passing certificate mean no more waiting for monthly testing dates, manual scoring, and verification letters.
  • It is convenient for both students and institutions
  • It is secure
  • Candidates learn more via our online system than they do from old- fashioned paper and pencil exams.